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Shawn Williams teaches Coaches, Professional and Amateur Athletes, Enthusiasts and others just like yourself HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Jiu Jitsu in a systematic, progressive manner that accelerates the learning curve. 


I've been where you are...

I’ve traveled down nearly every road possible in the world of jiu jitsu.  Had unbelievably incredible successes and absolutely massive failures. Through all of it, I have managed to learn and navigate the choppy waters which has lead to extremely efficient methods in teaching and coaching in the main elements jiu jitsu: teaching, coaching, instructor training and development, owning schools…

I've been...

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What the World's greatest have to say about Shawn

Georges St Pierre UFC 2 Div World Champion & UFC Hall of Fame. Considered pound for pound greatest of all time.

Shawn Williams has been a huge help in the development of my ground game in combat. He truly is a living encyclopedia of Jiu Jitsu.

Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Pioneer and Champion. 2-time ADCC Champion. MMA Pioneer. Pride FC Champion

...Shawn Williams is one of the best teachers out of my best creations!...

Matt Serra UFC World Champion/ Hall of Famer. Jiu Jitsu World Champion. Ultimate Fighter Champion. TUF Coach.

I was there the moment Shawn stepped off the bus from Indiana – he became one of my main training partners at Renzo’s day in and day out! It’s very cool to see his evolution into becoming one of the great educators in Jiu Jitsu!

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coaches Institute

Are you an instructor, coach, academy owner, or have the desire to skyrocket your abilities using my approach and lesson plans to take your teaching (or your coaches) to the next level? I'm taking a VERY small group into a BETA Program... find out if it's for you...

Online academy

It doesn't matter what experience you have, I promise you that you will learn game-changing concepts, systems, details, techniques and more.  My online academy has 2 programs... find out which is right for you. 


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Learn on Shawn's online academy. 

In Person

Train with Shawn at his Nashville academy: Renzo Gracie Nashville.

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Shawn teaches seminars and camps all over the world. Catch him at the next location, or host him at your academy.

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